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T O K E N - S A L E

We are a cryptocurrency project lead

to be the next Blockchain Generation.
Dual Project Waves - Ethereum 




UNIVERSSO token will have a maximum supply of 100 million tokens.


Atomic swap is the realization of the connection between two Blockchains of different origin.


Thanks to this model we obtain the "double factor confirmation," using which our currency derives benefits from the two networks.


Waves utilizes the unique Leased Proof of Stake system for verifying transactions. Simply put, this allows you to safely and securely “lease” your Waves to nodes in return earning fees from processed transactions.


This is like mining but without the need to run your computer or maintain any kind of node! You lease (any amount even 1 single Wave) then you can just turn off your computer and let the fees collect in your wallet.


Miner Reward tokens are also being distributed to leasers for a limited time, which will eventually be used to vote on major network changes with regards to maintaining the network.



The Internet - as we know it - promotes centralized monopolies.

Therefore, the existing systems must be connected - not by a company, but by technology. This allows the blockchain technology and that is the real revolution behind Bitcoin and Co.
With the ComSnapp app from UNIVERSSO, your personal information is backed up in the blockchain. ONLY her future personal assistant has access to your data!




Development of an interface from the human brain to personal AI.
The neuroAPI is the connection and interface of human intelligence with Artificial Intelligence (AI / AI) and aims to not only simulate human thinking, but also to supplement it if desired.



Notably, Deloitte will also look toward developing a legal framework for the regulation of ICO and new token creation projects. The lack of any legal mechanisms, Deloitte contends, leaves companies open to ‘project risks and challenges’ after an ICO.


“Blockchain technologies are gaining ground, already allowing start-ups, investors and other stakeholders to quickly raise significant funds in cryptocurrencies,” stated Artem Tolkachev, director of legal services for technology projects at Deloitte CIS.


“However, the cryptocurrency market is relatively young, and not all the regulatory mechanisms are in place.”




UNIVERSSO was born with the firm intention of being a token of global utility.


With a new Blockchain model, the atomic Swap.


UNIVERSSO is committed to this model, which is going to become in the next months, in the model reference of the Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies.


UNIVERSSO token will have a maximum supply of
100 million tokens.


And your wallets and explorer will be integrated into the Waves network.


Another advantage of our token, due to the partnerships of our Blockchain provider, is the audit of all tokens by Deloitte, a leading international company in management and auditing of high-level technological and business projects.



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